Waterford Faces and Faiths

In 2005 I made a series of short radio documentaries about religion in Waterford. It wasn’t a comprehensive outlook of the situation but it explored some emerging and changing themes within the religious landscape of Ireland at that time. It was a lot of fun to make and a real labour of love. The series went on to win the New Adventures in Broadcasting Award 2005. The piece ‘African Voices’ was shortlisted for the Media and Multicultural Awards 2005 (MAMA). The pieces were grant funded by the Broadcasting Commission of Ireland (now the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland) and were broadcast on the wonderful WLRfm.

This year I’m planning to dive back into radio and realise those old pieces aren’t available anywhere. So I’m posting them here for anyone who would like to hear.

  1. ‘Monastic Nuns’ – this is my absolute favourite radio piece that I ever made. It’s about the monastic community of nuns at Glencairn in West Waterford. You can stay at the guesthouse which is open to the public and perfect for some quiet time out. You can get a sense of the peace from this piece. Take a listen if you fancy. Feedback is always welcome. 

I took this on an October morning many years after making the radio programmes. I returned there after my world at that time had fallen apart. The nuns looked after me. 


2. ‘Monks at Mellary’ – a piece about the monks at Mount Mellary

3. ‘African Voices’ – these two pieces looked at new African churches and the impact of the presence of African groups on an existing religious group. I remember that the singing of the Ghanaian group at the United Presbyterian and Methodist Church blew me away.

4. ‘Declaration of the Bab’ – the Baha’i community in Waterford


5. ‘The Way we Were’ – this one is about Catholicism in Ireland in the 50s and 60s. It features, amongst others, the wonderful Eddie Wynberry. It also includes the voice of my own Dad who at 73 can still recite the Catechism, something which he does sometimes to entertain.


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