Religion in Ireland

Seemingly, one of Leonard Cohen’s hobbies is ‘religion’. I read that a few weeks ago in the biography ‘I’m Your Man’ by Sylvie Simmons. He’s the first other person I’ve heard of who shares my hobby – religion. This blog is a blog about my hobby – religion.

Leonard is Jewish by birth, practices Zen meditation and has spent extended time periods in India with a Hindu guru-type fella.  I’m Catholic by background, practice Zen meditation, visit mosques and temples in my spare time and have just embarked on reading the New Testament for the first time. Last summer I visited Israel as part of a Trinity College course on Holocaust Education and in a past life prior to my current stint of lecturing on world religions at Waterford Institute of Technology I made a handful or more of radio programmes about religion in Ireland. I enjoy my hobby. It pleases me.

The blog will potentially including postings about things as diverse as angel groups and atheism, mindfulness and mosques or Hindu temples and Hare Krishna mantras – basically any items relating to aspects of religion in Ireland.

The urban Irish skyline is still dominated by church spires but these architecturally domineering edifices belie the cracks that have appeared in the almost monolithic Catholic church in Ireland in recent years. This blog will be charting some of the changes occurring in the religious make-up of Ireland and will be posting audio links (if I can figure out how) to radio pieces and packages. Bon voyage.